Chris Legate’s 30th Birthday Party

Chris Legate’s 30th Birthday Party

Birthday Party

I was asked to take photos at a 30th Birthday Party at Sovereign Harbor yacht club in Eastbourne last night (24/05/14)
Chris the birthday boy turned up in a rather flash limousine that family and guests had put on for him.

Everyone that attended looked really smart and you could have mistaken these all for celebrities walking the red carpet.
It was very clear that all the guests were having a really good time, with a good DJ in place with some impressive lighting gear and a top selection of music to suit everyone their were smiles all round.

The guests really made the most of my attendance and nearly everyone wanted to have a formal photograph taken to remember the event and how smart they looked as well as document their attendance at this really special party for Chris.

birthday party

Chris and his family all dressed up

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